How do I make my own Splash mark?

  1. Just click on the Splash-O-Mizer to get started.
  2. Next choose a theme, and the customize controls will appear.
  3. Select style to change the splash pattern. Then click the colored boxes to change the color of your selected style.
  4. Select splash to change the color of your splash mark behind your selected style.
  5. Select canvas to change the color of your circular splash background.
  6. When you’ve got your splash just the way you want it, save it.


Where will my splash go?

That’s up to you! Save your splash to the Maker’s Gallery to share it with other splash makers. Share your splash on social media, too. You’ll get a downloadable kit with different sizes of your splash.


Can I make more than one Splash?

Of course! Splash on and on. Create as many as you’d like. Everything you create will appear in your “My Splashes” page. Choose your favorite to be featured in the Maker’s Gallery.